About Hong Kong Startup Council
Established under Federation of Hong Kong Industries (FHKI) in 2016, Hong Kong Startup Council is devoted to serving as a platform to ramp up the growth of early-stage and growing startups by connecting them with seasoned industrialists, like-minded innovators, investors, the R&D sector and the youth. The Council is tasked to turn innovative ideas into commercially viable products or services, with the purpose of creating synergies between Hong Kong’s established and new economies.
Manufacturing Matchmaker
We connect startups with seasoned industrialists with established manufacturing bases in GBA, ASEAN countries and around the world. We stand ready to help build a prototype and turn startups’ creativity into ready-to-market products and mass production.
Industrial Partnership
We organise the signature STARS Programme to tie-up promising startups with seasoned industrialists for upside synergies. We empower the growth of startups with all-rounded support covering mentorship, business planning, go-to-market strategies, proof-of-concept trials, capacity building, matchmakings, capacity building workshops and market exposure.
Message from the Chairman
Jimmy Tao
Chairman, Hong Kong Startup Council

Thanks to the unswerving support from the government, industries, academia and R&D sectors, I’m pleased to see innovations “made in Hong Kong” taking centre stage worldwide. 

Since its establishment in 2016, Hong Kong Startup Council, under the auspices of Federation of Hong Kong Industries, has devoted a range of support to early-stage and growing startups. The Council’s signature STARS Programme has served as a fertile ground for over 50 startups and technopreneurs to turn their creative ideas into value-added, industry-driven products and services. We have also built excellent rapport with industrialists, corporates and investors to facilitate over 100 matchmaking opportunities. More than 100 mentorship sessions, upskilling workshops and tailored consultations have been organised to bolster startups’ business fundamentals. With startups and industries being our major beneficiaries, we’ve been committed more than ever to fostering idea commercialisation, technology deployment, co-creation and knowledge transfer. 

Despite the massive upheaval and uncertainties on the local business environment in recent years, many startups have leveraged the tough times to catalyse the demand for novel applications and tech-savvy products under the new normal. This has brought a fresh impetus to speed up industry upgrades and digital transformation. In retrospect, many top-notch companies today had nurtured their best-selling products and business models during the most difficult times. With this in mind, the Council will continue tightening collaboration with different stakeholders to help startups champion adversities and seize every money-making opportunity. 

In the unprecedented times, the avenue to success will not be flat or straightforward, but I’m bullish that startups will thrive in them, with supreme resilience, sheer diligence and the insatiable desire to innovate. Alongside the support from industrialists, business partners, mentors and Startup Council, startups will eventually weather the storm and soar to new heights. 

Punch above your weight. Dare to innovate and make an impact that lasts.

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The 5th Cohort of STARS Programme Demo Day 

The 5th Cohort of STARS Programme Matching Day

The 4th Cohort of STARS Programme Demo Day 

The 4th Cohort of STARS Programme - Food Technology

In partnership with Citibank

The 3rd Cohort of STARS Programme Demo Fest

A virtual fair appealing to over 40,000 attendees across the internet

The 3rd Cohort of STARS Programme – Toy and Electronics Industries

With The Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Limited as the Principal Sponsor 

The 2nd Cohort of STARS Programme Product Showcase at Alibaba Jumpstarter

Obtain over HK$26M investment interest at Demo Day

Opening of INDEX, sharing and co-working space

Fully sponsored by Sun Hung Kai Properties and operated by FHKI, under The Space Sharing Scheme for Youth

The 2nd Cohort of STARS Programme – Smart Energy and Eco-home

With CLP Power Hong Kong Limited as the Cohort Sponsor 

The 1st Cohort of STARS Programme – Internet of Things

Establishment of Hong Kong Startup Council

Executive Committee
Jimmy Tao
Vitargent (International) Biotechnology Limited
Honorary President
Jason Chiu
Cherrypicks Limited
Dr Jack Yeung
OIC Capital Limited
Vice Chairmen
Dr Ricky Chiu
Chairman & CEO
PHASE Scientific International Limited
Paul Chu
RedWolf Airsoft Specialist Limited
Gary Lau
Executive Director
Free Town Watch Products Limited
Mingles Tsoi
Coty Yip
Chief Mentors
Johnny Chan
Hong Kong Venture Capital and Private Equity Association
Vincent Chan
Senior Managing Director
Samena Capital
Dr Toa Charm
Dr Charm & Company Limited
Mr Alan Cheung
Chairman and Managing Director
TML Apparel Limited
Paul Tai
Regional Director
Mainetti (HK) Limited
Ir Prof Andrew Young
Associate Director (Innovation)
Sino Innovation Laboratory Limited
Amy Chow
General Manager, Hong Kong and Macau
Check Point Software Technologies (Hong Kong) Limited
Terrence Hui
Yick Shun Electronic Toys Manufactory Limited
Edmund Lee
Application Technology Company Limited
Stanley Lee
CBES Group Limited
Eric Ng
Happiness Capital
Peter Shum
iREd Solutions Limited
Sam Sio
Come Know (Asia) Limited
Eric Sun
Managing Director
Kinox Trading Limited
Simon Yeung
Co-founder & CEO
iMBrace Limited
Advisory Committee
Hon Ben Chan
Geographical Constituency, New Territories South West
Legislative Council of the HKSAR
Prof Daniel M. Cheng
Managing Director
Dunwell Technology (Holding) Limited
Hon Duncan Chiu
Legislative Council Member (Technology & Innovation Constituency)
Legislative Council of the HKSAR
Ms Cindy Chow
Executive Director & CEO
Alibaba Hong Kong Entrepreneurs Fund
Dr Hon Wendy Hong
Legislative Council Member (Election Committee)
Legislative Council of the HKSAR
Hon Benson Luk
Legislative Council Member (Election Committee)
Legislative Council of the HKSAR
Dr Samson Tam
Group Sense (International) Limited
Gary Yeung
Smart City Consortium