About the Programme
STARS Programme is a mentorship and partnership-centric programme on a zero-equity basis. Participating startups will receive a broad range of support covering mentorship, business and investor matchings, proof-of-concept trials, upskilling workshops, networking opportunities and market exposure, empowering their capabilities and growths on multiple fronts.
Business and Investor Matchings
Fully backed by Federation of Hong Kong Industries, the only statutory chamber composed of thousands of members across 32 industry groups, the STARS Programme brings in a stream of one-on-one consultations, matchmaking sessions, networking activities and co-creation opportunities. Not only can startups connect with the right partners to fast-track product commercialisation cycles, enterprises can also explore value-added innovations and high-yielding investment that future-proof their businesses.
Star-studded Mentors
Our board of mentors is made up of active players in the startup ecosystem, geared up with extensive experience and profound insights. Our mentors boast solid track records of business success, possessed of enormous passion to empower startups with practical guidance covering idea conceptualisation, business planning, product development, commercial validation, go-to-market strategies and fundraising plans.

Capacity Building
Participating startups can solidify their business fundamentals through workshops hosted by domain experts, significantly advancing their capacities on various frontiers.
Zero-equity Accelerator
With zero financial obligations to the STARS Programme, participating startups can receive a bevy of perks encompassing guidance from strategic advisors, educational resources, a vast network of industrialists, corporates, investors and a broader startup community.

Proof-of-concept Trials and Pilot Schemes
Hong Kong Startup Council serves as a facilitator to encourage corporates to sample trailblazing innovations and leading-edge solutions, with a view to leapfrogging the adoption of innovative technology across traditional and emerging industries. Throughout the Programme, participating startups are given many opportunities to take part in various proof-of-concept trials and pilot schemes, in active pursuit of the best product market-fits, target markets and commercial validations.
Demo Day
Startups would stage a row of innovative, value-added products/solutions at Demo Day, the conclusion of STARS Programme. Journalists, technopreneurs, industrialists, investors and luminous executives would be invited to commemorate their graduation. Aside from product showcases, plenary sharing, pitching sessions and networking events at Demo Day enable startups to share ground-breaking ideas and discuss the room for collaboration with like-minded professionals.
Stage your innovation in the spotlight. Hong Kong Startup Council actively engages our STARS in various showcases, plenary sessions and networking activities to spark awareness and increase their brand exposure. The Council champions entrepreneur extraordinaires and disruptive innovations. We’ve built solid rapport with leading media outlets to help our startups grow publicity and attract more businesses, partners and investors. Let your venture story be well-pictured and written, and be one-of-a-kind.
What Our Alumni Say
Ken Law
PowerArena Limited

The STARS Programme helps us a lot in getting feedback on our product through connecting us with the leaders in the industry. I highly recommend it to other startups. 

Ivy Tse
FreightAmigo Services Limited

STARS Programme is an accelerator for startups. It is a great chance for FreightAmigo to develop a larger business network and brand exposure. Starting from the 1st round pitching, we could exchange with industrial leaders on our project and business development. As we collected some helpful sharing and guidelines from FHKI’s members, it unlocked our exponential values and enhanced our go-to-market plan. 

Raymond Mak
Farmacy HK Limited

STAR Programme is the platform that provided solid opportunities and support for our transformation and product rollout in the most critical period of our journey to-date.

Over the past 8 months, we met number of FHKI leaders who shared not only their practical experience but also valuable network for us to develop our product services, core technological solutions and fundraising. Through STAR Programme, we Farmacy also secured our proof-of-concept opportunities for our new business model, which was proved to be vital in our recent development.