Thei Product Design Graduation Show 2019

The “Innovative…Product Design Graduation Show” organised by 18 fresh graduates of Thei product design was held at INDEX during 4–14 July. FHKI’s Deputy Chairman Professor Eric Yim and our Vice Chairman Jason Chiu delivered a speech at the opening ceremony on 5 July. Professor Yim reminded the graduates that as a designer, they have the power to change things “Whatever you put down on paper, they are going to have impact on how we live, how we work and how we collaborate.” While quoting the example of Steve Jobs, Mr Chiu reminded the graduates should learn to be simple “It takes a lot of time and efforts to clear your mind to be simple but once you get there, you move mountains.”

Combining the elements of technology and innovation, the students introduced a wide range of newly designed products to improve the living standard, ranging from gaming tools to communication devices, and from furniture to transportation. The exhibition has attracted close to 200 visitors.

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